Carl Flesch biography

x Carl Flesch was born in Moson in 1873. He had not even turned 5 when he started his schools, and at the age of 16 he passed the final examination. First he learned music in Vienna, then in Paris. His first concert was given in Vienna, when he was 21 years old. After finishing his schools he spent half year in Moson, but finally he settled down in Berlin.
x He started his activity as an educator at the Romanian royal court. From Bucharest he left for Amsterdam, then for Berlin, where the public had taken him to its heart. He toured with great success in America and in Russia, as well.
x Carl Flesch was a great musical educator. Talented students came to him from all over the world: Robert Pollach, Boris Schwarz, Mária Thomas, Ida Haendel. His books written about the violin education are abundant encyclopedia of the music educators even now. He also taught in the famous Curtis Institute of Music.
x Running away from the fascism first he came to Budapest then he moved to Switzerland, where he died in 1944.